Pioneer Art Space was initiated by curator Wendy Di Wang, and Pinyuan Li. The two founders have extensive international experience in holding and participate in exhibitions in countries including China, the United States, Japan and Germany. The core artists who cooperate with Pioneer Art Space have had experience studying and living in a foreign country. Adopting both Eastern and Western culture, they are able to look at things in different scope. Pioneer adhering to Baiceyuan’s philosophy to create an international art and design platform for communication, presentation and press.

“Pioneer” mainly presents photography, media art and installations from four emerging artists whose works express their experience, identity and exploration of freedom of thoughts.

Four artists have had residency and relationships with foreign countries. These four artists were born in China and Taiwan after 1990, known as the Post-90s generation, growing up under the “One ChildPolicy” and the first generations to be born after the policy of reform andopening, experiencing far greater opportunities and access to information about contemporary art movements than their predecessors.

Not only that, they also have experiences living in a foreign country to study in art institutions to learn about western philosophy. The Post-90s generation also has more of a sense of individuality compared to the older generations. The four artists use unique perspective to present their identities and wanders under the different cultures.



Art Works


Artists Introduction

Jun Yin (尹骏)

Jun Yin was born and raised in China, he graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Fashion Design in 2015. He has worked in Colleen Quen Haute Couture studio based in SanFrancisco, Bibhu Mohapatra and Naersilling. He participated in the 2016 fashion show held by Fairmont Heritage Palace. At the same time, he had his solo show in Palace of Fine Art. He has invited by San Francisco based Fashion Designer to give a speech on how to make a cloth without wasting fabric. Yin is interested in the identity of Asian Americans, though he was not raised up in the States. The inspiration came from the "gold-rush" in the beginning of 19th century. Despite for the diversity of race and large number of Asian community, San Francisco is also known for its technology industries in SiliconValley. He composed a short video to illustrate the transformation through the act of switching cloths between Chinese traditional suit and Western suit in the financial district and Chinatown in San Francisco. The juxtaposition of Asian appearance, Western / Chinese clothes and Financial area / Chinatown reflect the struggles of Asian Americans.


Sharon Peng (彭雪伦)

Sharon Peng was born in a coastal city (Shenzhen) in China and studied in another coastal city which is hundreds miles away (San Francisco). She graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in photography, currently a student pursuing a master degree of creative industry at Central Saint Martins. She has visited the United States, Britain, Japan, Greece, Australia, France, Germany, Sri Lanka and other 25 countries to travel, study, and volunteer service. She photographed for the high-end business platform called Brunch with and held solo shows at New York, San Francisco, Oakland, shenzhen and other places. All the places she photographed are visually very similar, but also very different in mind. Peng shares her feeling of dislocation between homeland China and the site of settlement. She searches for the spatial and emotional connection between here (the place of settlement) and there (homeland).


Amanda He (何聪宜)

Amanda He was born and raised in China, she has studied Whitman College in the US and Doshisha univerisity in Japan. She photographed railways and rail stations all the way from Kyoto to the forest north Hokkaido. It is a record of her experience in residenc in a different cultural environment. Railways are the most important transportation in Japan. But it is a path that leads you to adventures. The Zen philosophy of Japan is embedded in these black and white photographs, a sense of subtleness is extended beyond the frame yet the operating the train is communicating speed and danger.



Yun Enya Chuang (庄昀)

Chuang is an artist who uses metal as medium to express her ideas. She was born in Taiwan, studied and working in the US. Her works embeds many personal assessment. For example, one work from her brooch series, contains sandblasted acrylic mirror in the center of an octagon shape, and four Chinese phrases on the second layer which are the humble messages from artist’s father. Chinese traditional characters are included in the piece, addresses the passing on of Chinese culture: health, safety, morality and responsibility. The term Chinese is not restrained in the context of mainland China artists. In addition, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore see their national identity as Chinese as well.



Opening day

Press Design

Photo credit : Emma Jingyi Luo