Poet in the cloud

This is a poem writing program. It will generate different poems by every click.
This Poem is inspired  by T. S. Eliot. I analyzed 50 of his poems and listed all the vocabularies he used as my resource.  I create strings in a different part of speech and build the structure of a poem and let it pick a word from those strings randomly each time when I click any key or mouse.There for each time when I click, it will write a new poem.



Silence from dream
Which I guides that country? Air.
Throat touched a windless dying.
Has this terror a soul?
Who suspended dream those factions?
What time fire renewed skips?
Dream only remove, just skips;
Remove by either love or country.

Chinese Poem Cloud

In this project, I choose to write programs that can create Chinese poems and people can use their way to interact with this program to make the layout of the Chinese poem into a painting.



Chinese poetry’s sentence structure is very strict; every sentence has the certain number of words, each word has a clear tone. This rule is very suitable for using a program to generate meaningful verses. I use a 1000 most popular words from 3000 Chinese poems to build a thesaurus for this program to use. Therefore, it will create a poem that closest to the real poem.




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