BikePool (Bipool)

Bicycle Safety Design Sprint Competition Winning Project.

Bikepool creates a formal infrastructure for carpool-like bicycle commute rides. The concept is based on the fact that there is safety in numbers, and that increasing bicyclist visibility will encourage people to choose biking over driving. My team of four designers came up with a mobile App that would track people who bike, and suggest popular routes. We also created bike stations for Bikepool users, encouraging bike riders to meet up and travel together.

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More and more people joined the bike community

We all know that bike is a very convenient transportation. A bike only costs about 1/20 of a car and doesn’t require any gas or insurance. Biking is also a good way to exercise and avoid health issue. In Silicon Valley, the weather is good for biking: very little rain and lots of sunny days. Each year, the U.S. Census Bureau studies Americans’ commuting habits, including how many people commute by bike. While commuting is only part of the bicycling story, the American Community Survey is a valuable insight into changing commuting patterns and transportation choices. Each year, the League of American Bicyclists digs into the data to assess the state of bicycling in cities.However, lots of people think that biking is not as safe as driving. Because if a bike struck by a car, a bicyclist is more likely to be injured than is a motorist. So the Road Safety is the biggest problem for biking.

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A motorist is less likely to collide with a person walking and bicycling when there are more people walking or bicycling. Accordingly, policies that increase the numbers of people walking and bicycling appear to be an effective route to improving the safety of people walking and bicycling.

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Problem - Safety

A report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Assn. noted that between 2010 and 2012, U.S. bicyclist deaths increased by 16%. In California, with 338 cyclists killed in collisions with motor vehicles, and Florida, with 329, had the highest totals during that period, the report said. Nationally, cyclist traffic deaths jumped from 621 in 2010 to 680 in 2011 and 722 in 2012. The 16% increase was far greater than other motor vehicle fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) , bicycle accident fatalities have increased, 743 bicyclists killed in 2013 and 48,000 more bicyclists sustained injuries in a crash with a motor vehicle.


The most common factor is failed to look properly

The report observed that "roads were built to accommodate motor vehicles with little concern for pedestrians and bicyclists. Integrating motor vehicles and bicycles in already-built environments presents challenges." It said cyclists are safest with a physical separation of bicycles and motor vehicles by providing "cycle paths."


Research And Interview In Diversity Communities

During the research process, we interviewed with the people from DMV, police department, car community, bike community, local residents and the city planners in order to get a deep understanding with this social problem from all different perspectives.


Bike In Group

During the interview and research, we find an interesting point form some bikers:

They prefer to bike in groups because they think that could make them safer and more visible for other people who share the road.


Insights and Findings

  • Improve bikers and drivers' awareness of their surroundings.

  • People are safer when biking together and it’s easier for drivers to notice the bikers.

  • Our purpose is to create a safer space by encouraging bikers to group up and ride together. Let's build a bike friendly environment.

Fact On Safety In Numbers


Create Safe Community Than Just Protect Individuals


System And Brand Design


The logo of bipool is formed by three bicycles icon. There is also a triangle in the center links three bicycles together. Triangle is the most stable shape, which means safety. Links three bicycles together express the idea of “biking together”. The color green stands for eco-friendly and happiness. 


Challenge: How to make people bike in groups?

A Mobile+ Local + Social Marketing Concept

We created a mobile Application that would track people who bike, and suggest popular routes so the bikers who are heading in the similar direction will be gathered and bike in a group. We also created bike stop meeting stations for Bikepool users. Bikers could meet up in the station and travel together. Eventually, Bikepool will create the bike community in the Silicon Vally, and the user will get social through our serves.






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The main function of the website is to educated people about Bipool. Also, we expect people share our website on a social network or help us to hang poster around Silicon Valley. By this way, we can get more people support. The website will encourage the audience to engage Bipool not only by a ride with it but also fill out the roads survey and hang Bipolar posters at their location. By this way, people feel more likely to use Bipool station because they are apart of the group and they are creating the routes by themselves. Also, it will encourage existing user to bring up more expecting users. 



The deliverables will be stickers, flyer, postcard and other products that will be hand out to the public. By showing appealing photographs, they are aimed to attract future possible users and to promote the campaign idea, as well as the existing website and app. Stickers and flyers will go to companies that are close to the bike routs, local bike shops, coffee shops, supermarkets and other places where people usually gather together. 

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I joined the Bikepool project at SVBC as product designer, passionate about the environment and human ideology.  In this project, I responsed on UX/UI design such as research, problem analyst, data collection, idea development and visual decision of the app and the website. I was one of the founder of  Bikepool at the Wheel-Well Two-Day Design Sprint in 2013.

Bikepool was the winner of the Design Sprint.

Our team: Di Wang (Industrial Design 2015), Qian Mao (Graphic Design 2015), Xiaofei Liu (Graphic Design 2015), and Jingjing Yang (Graphic Design 2015)

Corporate with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

The winner project bipool, composed solely of international women:  Wendy Di Wang (Industrial Design 2015), Qian Mao (Graphic Design 2015) Xiaofei Liu (Graphic Design 2015) and Jingjing Yang (Graphic Design 2015) .

The team's idea was to create a formal infrastructure for bicycle commute routes. Along with a unique logo, they designed bus stop-like meeting points for bipool users, where a map of the route and departure times would be posted to encourage cyclists to meet up and travel together.

The team also conceived a mobile app that would track persons who bike as well as mapping commonly used routes to popular locations.

The bipool concept is based on the notion of safety in numbers. By increasing bicyclist visibility, it encourages people to bike when they might otherwise be inclined to drive. Increasing the number of cyclists on the road creates a cloak of safety for both novice and veteran cyclists.

The team received $1,500 and will work with SVBCCCA, and the RSST to prepare a presentation for local jurisdictions and businesses in Silicon Valley.

Design by Wendy Di Wang